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What is Stamping?

The stamping process involves the transformation of flat metal sheets into desired shapes using a tooling die, which comprises a top part and a bottom part. Once the tooling die is constructed, a raw flat sheet of metal is inserted into the mold, and a mechanical press is activated to create a component. This process allows for the efficient production of a large number of objects using the same mold, resulting in time and cost savings.

In the stamping process, several operations are typically performed, including blanking, bending, deep drawing, and embossing. Blanking involves using a blanking die to create a blank, which serves as the starting point for further production. Bending dies are used to deform or bend the metal sheet along a straight line. Deep drawing dies consist of multiple stages that gradually stretch the metal sheet to achieve the desired shape and thickness. Embossing dies are employed to engrave patterns or designs onto the metal sheet.

Stamping / Pressing Machining Capability

General Tolerance: ±0.05 mm

Stamping / Pressing Equipment