| General Tolerances ISO 2768-1/JIS B 0405

Overland Industries Corporation, LTD is a Taiwan-based CNC machining service provider that adheres to international standards, including the general tolerance specifications of ISO 2768 or JIS B 0405. For detailed information, please refer to the tables below, which outline the specific requirements of ISO 2768 and JIS B 0405.

| General Tolerances ISO 2768-2/JIS B 0419

In CNC machining services, there are several common requirements to consider, such as straightness, flatness, perpendicularity, symmetry, and run-out, among others. Machined parts may experience distortion or tilting due to various factors.

  • Raw material stiffness
  • Raw material internal stress
  • Poor machining process
  • The CNC machine is out of alignment

As a result, it is crucial for us to conduct inspections on the machined parts in accordance with ISO 2768-2/JIS B 0419 standards.