Why Choose Overland CNC Services?

Benefits of Our CNC Machining Services

At Overland, our CNC machining services play a crucial role in contemporary manufacturing practices, offering exceptional precision, accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability. These services find extensive utilization across diverse sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. With their multitude of advantages and versatile applications, CNC machining services serve as an indispensable asset for manufacturing firms aiming to produce top-notch components in a streamlined and cost-efficient manner.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is an advanced technology that enables precise and accurate control of machines. It has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by enhancing productivity and efficiency. CNC machines are widely employed in diverse industries for the production of various parts and components. In this article, we will delve into the advantages of CNC machining services and explore their applications across different sectors.

  • Exceptional Precision and Accuracy

A noteworthy advantage offered by CNC machining services is their capacity to manufacture parts with exceptional levels of precision and accuracy. CNC machines are capable of operating within tolerances as fine as a few microns, guaranteeing that the final product is of superior quality and conforms to the specified requirements.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

CNC machining services excel in delivering fast and efficient production of parts. Once the program is configured, the machine can consistently produce multiple parts with the same level of accuracy and consistency. This makes CNC machining an optimal solution for large-scale manufacturing, where high volumes of parts need to be produced in a timely manner.

  • Versatility

CNC machines offer the flexibility to program and produce parts of diverse shapes and sizes, enabling the production of custom-made components tailored to specific applications. This versatility makes CNC machining highly suitable for industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical, where unique and specialized parts are frequently required.

  • Budget-friendly

CNC machining services present a cost-efficient solution for manufacturing top-quality parts. Although the initial investment in the machine may be substantial, once configured, it can consistently produce a significant quantity of parts with unwavering accuracy and consistency. This diminishes the reliance on manual labor and subsequently lowers production costs.

Quality Control and Certification Testing

As a reputable manufacturer of CNC services, we prioritize constant enhancement and remaining at the forefront of technological progress. We allocate resources to continuous employee training, regularly assess and refine our quality management systems, and embrace cutting-edge solutions to augment our manufacturing capabilities.

Apart from our internal quality control protocols, we engage in strategic collaborations with third-party testing laboratories and certification bodies to verify the performance and dependability of our facilities. These external partnerships allow for impartial evaluations of our manufacturing processes and guarantee that our products adhere to the most stringent industry benchmarks.

1, Quality Control and Certification Testing

Each and every item we manufacture undergoes meticulous equipment calibration and verification procedures to ensure unfailing accuracy and precision. To ensure unwavering consistency and accuracy, we implement a comprehensive quality control system that spans the entire manufacturing process. From initial design and programming to machining and final assembly, every production step is subject to vigilant monitoring and inspection. Our dedicated team of quality assurance experts conducts rigorous checks and tests at multiple stages to promptly identify and resolve any potential concerns.

Inspection Equipment:

Sheffield Cordax Discovery D-8 DCC CMM

Brown & Sharpe Hexagon Metrology CMM

Vision Measuring Machine

Baty R14 Profile Projector

Other Inspecting, Measuring and Testing Equipment

2, Rigorous Quality Assurance Process

Production quality is of utmost importance to us. As a reputable CNC machining manufacturer, we have established a crucial Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for our quality control process. In general, we have defined four distinct stages for quality inspection during each production cycle. These stages typically encompass the examination of incoming raw materials, the scrutiny of the machining process, and the evaluation of finished CNC machining parts.

Quality Assurance Process:

IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

IPQCS (In Process Quality Control Section)

FQC (Final Quality Control)

OQC (Out-going Quality Control)

3, Non-destructive and Destructive Inspection

Within the realm of manufacturing and engineering, both non-destructive and destructive testing are indispensable techniques employed to evaluate the quality, structural soundness, and operational efficacy of materials and products. These testing methodologies assume a pivotal role in guaranteeing the safety, dependability, and regulatory adherence across diverse sectors such as aerospace, automotive, construction, and beyond.

Professional CAD Drawing Services

We provide top-tier CAD drawing services tailored to the unique requirements of clients spanning multiple industries. Through our proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) software and a team of adept drafters and engineers, we deliver precise and superior-quality drawings catering to a diverse array of applications.

By harnessing our professional CAD drawing services, you can experience enhanced design visualization, improved communication, and heightened operational efficiency throughout the manufacturing or construction journey. Our meticulous and comprehensive drawings serve as invaluable references for project planning, production, and documentation purposes.

1. 2D and 3D CAD Drawings

By leveraging state-of-the-art CAD tools and cutting-edge technologies, we have the capacity to generate intricate and accurate 2D and 3D drawings customized to your precise requirements. Whether you need architectural renderings, mechanical blueprints, electrical schematics, or any other form of technical illustrations, our expertise and capabilities ensure the delivery of outstanding outcomes.

2. Component Design and Technical Drawings

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses part design and engineering drawing solutions, specifically tailored to cater to diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer products, industrial equipment, and others. We possess the expertise to meet your specific requirements, whether it be a straightforward component or a complex assembly.

When you choose to leverage our part design and engineering drawing services, you unlock a host of advantages including enhanced part performance, streamlined manufacturing processes, and optimized production workflows. Our unwavering commitment to precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction fuels our drive to deliver designs and drawings that consistently meet the highest benchmarks of quality and functionality.

3. Integration of Systems and Design of Components

We are experts in providing services for system integration and component design, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and improve the functionality and performance of their products. Our highly skilled team of engineers and designers collaborate closely with clients to develop efficient and seamless systems, ensuring the optimal integration of individual components.

Our system integration and component design services cater to a diverse range of industries, including automation, telecommunications, robotics, energy, and many others. With our extensive experience working with various technologies and platforms, we are capable of delivering tailored solutions that align precisely with specific business needs.

Professional Surface Treatment Advisory Services

We offer professional consultation services for surface treatment, assisting businesses in selecting and implementing the most appropriate surface finishing techniques for their products. Drawing upon our extensive expertise and experience in surface treatment, we provide valuable guidance and recommendations to achieve desired aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

Based on your specific requirements, we provide expert advice on the optimal selection of surface treatment techniques. This may involve suggesting processes such as painting, electroplating, anodizing, powder coating, galvanizing, passivation, or specialized coatings. We take into account factors such as material compatibility, cost-effectiveness, durability, and aesthetic appeal to ensure that the chosen treatment aligns with your expectations.

Our consultation services also encompass surface preparation methods, which are crucial for achieving superior adhesion and surface treatment quality. We offer guidance on techniques such as cleaning, degreasing, surface roughening, and pre-treatment processes to ensure proper surface preparation prior to the application of the selected treatment.

Finishing Processing:


Coating (Plating)


Other post processing

ISO 9001 Certification

Obtaining ISO9001 Certification for OVERLAND CNC: Success is the result of consistent small efforts, repeated day after day.

RoHS and Safety Certification

At OVERLAND, we firmly believe that quality is the cornerstone of our CNC machining services. We prioritize continuous improvement through our rigorous Quality Control Process. Each CNC machining project undergoes a tailored quality control plan based on the specific part profile and dimensions. As part of our commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of quality inspection reports, which include but are not limited to:

Quality Inspection Report:

Material Certification

Part Drawing with Marked Item Numbers

Quality Inspection Report

SGS Report for RoHS Compliants

Surface Treatment Report

Plating Report

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