| Commercial Uses

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Lighting Usage
  • Auto Parts
  • Medical Equipment
  • Tailored Hose Connectors
  • Camera Parts

Extensive Expertise in Multiple Industries

We offer prototype development for initial inspection and production of customized precision machined components. Our expertise caters to diverse commercial, industrial, and laboratory needs worldwide. With comprehensive machining capabilities such as CNC machining, plastic injection molding, stamping, and die casting, we provide competitive and complete manufacturing solutions.
Here are some applications for our provided parts:

Chemical Analysis

ORP electrodes,pH meter, ISE

Gas sensors, Gas analyzers

Multiparameter meters

ICP emission and mass spectrometers

Auto Parts

Suspension system(shock absorber, damper)


Motor mounts

Mounting bracket

Hose Connectors

Hose barb

End fitting

Reduction fitting


Lighting Usage

LED lighting devices

Aluminum spotlight casing

Heat sink, cooler

Panel cover

Housing, casing

Medical Equipment

Dental accessories

Surgery spare parts

Diagnostic equipments

Lighting fixtures