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Analytical Chemistry Manufacturing

     We offer comprehensive support to global leaders in electro-analytical equipment, gas sensor systems, and electrode instrumentation. Our services include customized spare parts for various analytical chemistry equipment:

  1. pH meter, ORP electrodes, ISE
  2. Gas analyzers, gas sensors
  3. Multiparameter meters
  4. ICP emission and mass spectrometers

     Material available in: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, 7075-T6, ADC 12, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Plastic, Zamak.

     All the products are RoHS Compliant and proudly Made In OVERLAND, USA.

CNC Machining for Electroanalytical Equipment

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of pH meters, ORP electrodes, and ISEs, precision manufacturing is necessary. CNC machining, a computer-controlled process that uses precision cutting tools to remove material, is utilized to create precise hole and surface shapes in these components. The accuracy of these components directly impacts the overall accuracy of the analytical chemistry equipment they are used in.

CNC Machining for pH Meters

pH meter electrodes, comprising an electrode body, assembly, and cable assembly, rely on CNC machining for precision. It enables the creation of accurate holes and surface shapes in materials like glass, ceramic, or plastic for the electrode body. CNC machining ensures precise contact surfaces, including the reference electrode and electrolyte, in the electrode assembly. Additionally, it guarantees precise connectors and plugs in the cable assembly, ensuring reliable electrical contact and signal stability.

CNC Machining for ORP Electrodes

To achieve high-precision potential measurements, CNC machining is essential for ORP electrodes. It ensures accurate hole and surface shapes in the electrode body and electrode assembly. CNC machining is also utilized for the reference electrode and working electrode, guaranteeing precise contact surfaces and surface shapes.

CNC Machining for ISEs

To ensure high selectivity and sensitivity, CNC machining is crucial in the manufacturing of ISEs. The electrode body, reference electrode, and ion-selective membrane all benefit from CNC machining. It enables accurate hole and surface shapes in the electrode body, precise contact surfaces in the reference electrode, and precise thickness and hole sizes in the ion-selective membrane. These machining processes contribute to the high precision and performance of ISEs in analytical chemistry.

Precise Electroanalytical Equipment is Essential

Accurate and reliable electroanalytical equipment depends on precision components manufactured through CNC machining. Choosing an experienced CNC machining service provider is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your equipment. CNC machining plays a critical role in producing precise components for pH meters, ORP electrodes, and ISEs, which are essential for optimal performance in analytical chemistry. Therefore, utilizing CNC machining is necessary to achieve the required accuracy and reliability in the production of these components. If you need top-quality precision manufacturing using CNC machining, consider partnering with a reputable service provider.