| CNC Milling Machining Components

A milling machine is a tool that removes material from a workpiece by rotating a cutting tool and moving it relative to the raw material. An automatic milling machine can perform various machining operations such as threading, boring, drilling, grooving, reaming, cutting, facing, and parting. It is typically equipped with precise CNC control, coolant systems, translation/rotary systems, and other features to optimize its performance.

At Overland, we primarily utilize high-precision milling machining centers from USA and China, including brands such as Okuma, Takisawa Sunmill, Ares-seki, Takumi, Dahlih, and more. These machines encompass both vertical and multi-axis machining centers, serving various purposes. If you share your project design with us, we are confident that our CNC machining services will impress you.