| Medical Equipment

Manufacturing of Medical Equipment

With over 15 years of collaborative experience with leading companies in the medical industry, we specialize in manufacturing precision spare parts for a wide range of instruments and devices. Our expertise extends to various fields, including:

     1. Dental

Roach clasps, ball clasps, denture accessories

     2. Surgery

Accessories of medical lighting, patient monitoring, diagnostic systems

     3. Diagnostic

Accessories of otoscope, stethoscopes, blood pressure devices, ophthalmic Instruments

OVERLAND Ind. Corp. excels in delivering top-tier CNC machining services with exceptional precision to fulfill unique customization needs.

Material available in: Aluminum Alloy, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Plastic.

All the products are RoHS Compliant and proudly Made In OVERLAND.