Quality Assurance Procedure

Production quality is of utmost importance to us as a professional CNC machining manufacturer. To ensure consistent high quality, we have established a critical Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for our quality control process. This process consists of four essential steps: inspection of incoming raw materials, monitoring the machining process, and final inspection of finished CNC machining parts.

| IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

All incoming raw materials for CNC machining production undergo thorough inspection and are marked for receipt inspection before being used. Various measurements are taken to compare against approved data. If any materials are found to be non-compliant, they are promptly returned for further examination.

| IPQCS (In Process Quality Control Section)

Inspections are carried out throughout the CNC machining manufacturing process. The frequency of these inspections is determined by the quality standards specified by the project. All manufacturing data is diligently recorded for future reference.

| FQC (Final Quality Control)

Finished CNC machined parts undergo thorough inspection in accordance with our project-specific quality standards. Products are sampled based on the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) sampling rate before they are released from our production plant and transferred to the warehouse.

| OQC (Out-going Quality Control)

Our QC team conducts random checks on finished goods in the warehouse prior to shipment. This final inspection ensures that only defect-free goods are sent to our customers.