| Q&F

  1. Commission Structure:
    We offer a commission structure that is superior and rewards you for the business value that you bring.
    Our sales reps are assigned by the customer. So, once you have brought the business from a customer to us and you have a signed copy of the agreement with us – you get commission on that customer – even if the customer calls us and places an order of which you do not know.
  2. Commission Payout:
    We pay the commission within 2 weeks of receiving the payment on the PO.
  3. We are not paid base salary in addition to the commission. All of our sales reps are commission based only. This way your commission percentage is higher than what it would have been with the base salary and it provides incentives to those sales agencies who bring more business.
  4. We are not set up sales territories geographically. We assign sales territory by the Customer. If the customer who is assigned to you, directly calls and places an order – you still get paid commission.
  5. We a customer becomes your part of sales territory. When new customer places a PO that was generated through your efforts, that customer becomes part of your sales territory.
  6. Can I represent other products while representing OVERLAND?
    We encourage you to represent other products and services because we believe there is synergy in this. However, you can represent only us as a Chinese company for the products and the services that we offer.
  7. What if I want to terminate the contract?
    Both parties are free to terminate the contract for any reason with a written notice of 90 days.