| CNC Turning Machining

What is CNC Turning Machining?

CNC Turning machining involves securing the raw material rod on a driving headstock and rotating it while a fixed cutting tool removes material. This process is accomplished through the relative movement between the cutting tool and the raw material rod.

An automatic CNC Turning Machine can be integrated with a range of specific CNC machining operations, including:

  • Turning
  • Threading
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Grooving
  • Reaming
  • Cutting
  • Facing
  • Parting
  • Knurling

A precision manufacturing CNC machine with computer numerical control (CNC) is a powerful machine that can be equipped with advanced features such as highly precise CNC control, automatic feeders, coolant systems, and translation/rotary systems.

At Overland, we specialize in operating highly precise CNC Turning Machining Centers from renowned manufacturers in USA and China, including Nomura, Star, Moriseiki, Miyano, Takisawa, Chiah Chyun, and more. These machines are categorized into Fixed Head and Sliding Head Turning/Lathe Machining Centers, offering versatility and efficiency for various machining purposes.

Would CNC Turning Machining be suitable for manufacturing my part?

Determining if a part can be made most cost-effectively on a CNC Turning machine involves considering the following factors:

  1. Largest OD: Compare the largest outer diameter (OD) of the part to the production quantity. If the part has an OD under 65mm, it may be suitable for higher volume mass production (over 1000 pieces). However, if the part has an OD larger than 20mm, it will need to be individually chucked during CNC machining, making it more competitive for lower quantity work, such as prototypes.

  2. Suitability for Swiss Screw Machine: If the CNC machining part has an OD under 20mm and requires high volume production (over 5,000 pieces), it may be suitable to run on a Swiss Screw Machine (also known as a CNC Automatic Turning/Lathe Machine). This option can be more cost-effective and offer high precision.

CNC Turning Lathe Machining Capability

Outer Diameter: 1-100 mm

Overall Lengths: 500mm

Tolerance: ±0.002 mm ( equal to 2 μm )

CNC Milling Machining Capability

Dimension: within 300 x 300 x 300 mm

Tolerance: ±0.002 mm ( equal to 2 micrometer )

CNC Turning Lathe Equipment

Turning Machine CentersRPMCapacity
Nomura UB7-20 with 4th axis10,000ø20 x 200
Nomura UB7-25 with 4th axis10,000ø25 x 200
Nomura NN-10CS with 4th axis10,000ø10 x 100
Nomura NN-16B III with 4th axis8,000ø16 x 110
Nomura NN-20U III with 4th axis10,000ø20×200
Nomura NN-20J2 with 4th axis10,000ø20 x 200
Nomura NN-25YB with 4th axis8,000ø25 x 200
Mori Seiki NL-1500 with 4th axis6,000ø356 x 515
Chiah Chyun CB-36M with 4th axis6,000ø36 x 485
Nomura NN20-H10,000ø20 x 200
Nomura NN20-B II10,000ø20 x 200
Takisawa NEX-1103,500ø400 x 675
Takisawa TC-20 L4,500ø250 x 640
Takisawa EX-3084,000ø260 x 530
Takisawa EX-3104,000ø350 x 710
Takisawa EX-1084,000ø320 x 530
Takisawa EX-1103,000ø495 x 400
Takisawa NEX-1084,000ø320 x 481
Takisawa NEX-1103,500ø400 x 657
Takisawa HT-1083,000ø330 x 510
Takisawa HT-1103,000ø330 x 510
Takisawa TC-204,000ø250 x 550
Takisawa TC-2m II3,500

ø550 x 600