| CNC Milling Machining

What is CNC Milling Machining?

A milling machine is a versatile tool that utilizes the rotation of a cutting tool to remove material from a workpiece. It achieves this by moving the cutting tool relative to the raw material, allowing for operations such as threading, boring, drilling, grooving, reaming, cutting, facing, and parting.

An automatic milling machine combines these operations with precision CNC control, coolant systems, and translation/rotary systems, enhancing its capabilities and accuracy.

At Overland, we utilize high-precision milling centers from reputable manufacturers in USA and China, including Okuma, Takisawa Sunmill, Ares-seki, Takumi, Dahlih, and more. Our milling centers are categorized as vertical and multi-axis machining centers, catering to various machining requirements. Share your project design with us, and you’ll be impressed by the quality and precision of our machining services.

Is milling the appropriate method for producing my part?

A milling machine center is well-suited for producing parts with the following features:

  • Various flat surfaces
  • Deep slots
  • Threads
  • Gear teeth or splines
  • Complex profiles

CNC Milling Equipment

Milling Machine CentersRPMCapacity
Okuma Mac Turn 250-W 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center5,000550 x 550 x 530
Takisawa NEX-110 L3,500ø400 x 657
Takisawa TC-20 L4,500ø250 x 640
Takisawa Mac-Vie 4,500600 x 350 x 465
Sunmill EX-308 L4,000ø260 x 530
Sunmill JHV-55015,000550 x 400 x 460
Sunmill JHV-710 15,000710 x 460 x 560
Sunmill JHV-102015,0001020 x 550 x 580
Sunmill JMV-1100 8,0001100 x 600 x 600
Ares-Seiki R510 12,000500 x 400 x 460
Ares-Seiki R604015,000600 x 400 x 400
Max Drill MV-140010,0001420 x 660 x 610
Takumi VMC-1000II8,0001020 x 510 x 510
Takumi VMC-1000P38,0001020 x 510 x 510
Dahlih MCV-10203,5001020 x 550 x 560
Dahlih DL-MCV-1020BA8,0001020 x 550 x 560
Dahlih DL-MCV-1020A6,0001020 x 550 x 560
Dahlih DL-MCV-12504,5001250 x 600 x 700